Project Description

Asset Mapping & Data Collection Solutions

We offer a complete asset management solution for the drainage industry. Collect new assets, create bespoke inspection data. Meeting requirements for county-wide networks. With our mobile solution connect to a live reporting dashboard, we will change the way you collect and manage your assets. Geospatial data is the glue that brings different types of information into one place.

A greater understanding of the volume of assets and their surrounding environments is one of the key benefits of using our software tools.

The system in a short overview is capable of providing the following:
The ability to add pipelines, ditches and channels and show connectivity, dimensions, flow and conditions where surveying has been completed.

Collection of photos and manhole configurations where necessary.

Web-based access to view daily activity reports and display drainage on an Ordnance Survey base map.

A user-definable drainage report showing the asset condition and any repairs outstanding against the asset. Drainage should be displayed and referenced to an Ordnance Survey base map and allow printing.

The ability to raise defects in the field.